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$25,000 in donations were doubled thanks the Academic Division!

Thanks to the University’s Academic Division, donations up to $25,000 were doubled to recognise and reward the remarkable achievements of students.

Thank you for supporting Excellence Scholarships

Thanks to your kind donations, over $7,000 was raised through Gifting Day to support students through Excellence Scholarships.

Thank you for fostering a culture of excellence and investing in a great future for Newcastle and the Hunter and Central Coast regions – and beyond.

Our Excellence Scholarships not only recognise and reward excellence in our current and future students, they provide the financial means to enable our high achieving students to continue to exceed expectations. These scholarships not only enable us to retain talented individuals from Newcastle who might study elsewhere, but also to attract bright new talent to our region from right across Australia.

These opportunities to recognise and reward remarkable achievement cannot exist without your generous support. Thanks to your support, Excellence Scholarships will enable the celebration and recognition of excellence to continue at the University of Newcastle.

Participation Challenge

Thank you!

Because of your generosity, the University of Newcastle will support 4 additional Shaping Futures Scholarships – that’s 4 lives changed for the better!

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